"Straight off the video store shelf and ready for home distribution, Videogram is the musical equivalent of renting your favorite horror movies from the mom and pop shop of yesteryear.- Doc Terror/Horror Sexy

Videogram is the genre soundtrack-influenced solo project of Swedish composer/ producer Magnus Sellergren. Formed in early 2014 as a celebration of the glory days of the 1980's VHS explosion, Videogram has more than a half-dozen releases under its belt.

A loving tribute to not only the film content, but the format and the overall experience itself, Magnus draws his musical inspiration from a wide variety of sources. From the well-known and applauded like director John Carpenter and composer Ennio Morricone, to Italian genre favorites like Fabio Frizzi, Nico Fidenco and Riz Ortolani, to the unsung unknowns that scored one slasher before fading into obscurity - all are equal parts of the puzzle that make up the Videogram sound.

"...Videogram keeps putting out really interesting stuff, making things that nobody else is doing, and finding a really fresh way to reanimate (...) cult classics. The influence these movies have on him are easy to hear, but it's what he does with those influences that really shines."
- Trash Mutant